We plan your relocation with the order and timing of the necessary key tasks to be carried out.

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We determine the significant points and opportunities you need to be aware of in the process of buying a house.

Discover Relhome's services

Our services for companies and individuals

Turin Relocation Services mainly concern orientation to the new area, help with home search, support for bureaucratic procedures, obtaining new documents, selecting the correct school for your children, support with activation of utilities , obtaining and renewing the different documents, residence permits and other necessities during your stay and also for repatriation.


  • Reception
  • Temporary accommodations
  • Orientation
  • Information about the city
  • Preliminary information


  • Market analysis
  • Real estate property pre selection
  • Visit selected properties
  • Choice of house
  • Assistance for negotiations
  • Contract support
  • Utilities activation


  • Moving assistance
  • House Set up
  • Customizing the home


  • Visas
  • Residence permits
  • Work permits
  • Registering changes of residence
  • Obtain tax code number ( i.e., Social Security Number in the USA)
  • Identity card
  • Utilities (electric, gas, water, trash pickup, telephone, internet etc.)


  • Italian driver’s license
  • Car registration
  • Car and liability insurance


  • Bank accounts
  • Health policies and insurance
  • Registration with the National Health Service
  • Indication of bilingual medical specialists and hospital facilities


  • Visits to local schools
  • School selection
  • School registration
  • School fees


  • Cancellation of lease
  • Utilities shut-off
  • Inventory and return of furniture and appliances
  • Cleaning of the property
  • Key delivery


Once arrival services are completed, Turin Relocation offers an ongoing service that includes:

  • Telephone support
  • Monitoring payment due dates
  • Document renewal monitoring
  • Import of any type of goods into the new home


  • Italian language courses
  • Personal property insurance
  • Buying furniture for the home
  • Organizing travel and holidays
  • Providing trusted staff names for home domestic help and babysitting
  • Obtaining Information about churches and religious groups/function hours
  • Organizing meetings with simultaneous translators on demand

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Not all services are listed, but our staff is efficient and prepared to resolve any kind of problem or to provide unexpected assistance for unplanned issues; the packages of services requested and prepared for you can be changed and varied at your request during our support.

Relhome services

Buying a property abroad, in a new area or city can be complex and full of unknown issues.

Each country has its own rules, its own modus operandi as well as language barriers that can create countless and unexpected problems.

Our team will be able to advise you at all stages and manage the process for you eliminating risks and difficulties.

Our mission

We are not real estate brokers or agents.

We offer expertise in sales and renovations for those who have little time for selecting a house and the complex process necessary to complete the purchase


  • Pre purchase
  • Purchase
  • Post purchase

Our work

We start with a selection of properties through real estate agencies on behalf of the client, visit the properties considered interesting and finally, we submit a subset of the properties for the client. On request, we will also take care of renovation and furnishing projects.

Turnkey renovations

In the case of properties to be renovated, we offer consulting as well as complete or partial renovation services which prioritizes quality, speed and low costs.


The quality / price ratio of our renovations is EXCELLENT: low costs and high quality of execution at unique prices for the end customer.

Thanks to our many years of experience gained in the field, we collaborate with experienced and reliable professionals: surveyors, architects, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, flooring specialists and more to make the renovation of your home a success.

The phases of our work

  • Search and selection
  • Visits and inspections
  • Negotiation of the price and conditions of sale
  • Controls and surveys
  • Notary assistance
  • Renovation
  • Certification of work
  • Moving and house arrangement

About us

For over 20 years...

For over 20 years our agency has offered complete relocation assistance. We advise, suggest, and indicate the best solution for every type of request, as a family member would do when welcoming loved ones to their city.

Relying on Turin Relocation means limiting difficulties with competent and specialized assistance to make your stay in the city serene and pleasant without stress and wasted effort.

The services offered can be standard or customized, tailored to specific needs and later changed if needed.

After a detailed analysis of what you need to live in Turin, we will plan the Relocation program that you choose.

Founder of Turin Relocation

The agency was created in 1999 by Aida Bernabei Chauvie who has been a resident in Turin since 1974.

It is during these years that she gained her expansive experience in the field of assistance to "Expats" and everything related to the resolution of their problems in their new reality.

Her specific knowledge has allowed her to create a strong network of important and indispensable references to satisfy the countless requests and varied needs that may arise.

This is a job that she carries out with passion and professionalism for a vast international clientele whose common denominator is transferring to Piedmont, Liguria and Aosta Valley.

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The team

Each consultant of our team is a technically prepared and specialized professional with years of experience.

We also have a network of long-standing external collaborators, which together with internal resources, allow you to better manage every need and phase of assistance.

The Turin Relocation Team is always ready to face the different needs expressed by customers quickly, completely, effectively and on time.

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