Turin Relocation was founded by Aida Bernabei Chauvie, who has been living in Turin since 1974 and who teaches foreigners at Turin University on the USAC program (University Studies Abroad Consortium). During these years she has gained invaluable experience in assisting foreigners and everything concerning problems they might encounter when starting to live and work in a new country. Aida Bernabei Chauvie
She has helped students, families, university lecturers and post graduates to find a job as well as other people who, for various reasons, find themselves in Turin for both short or long periods. She has created a network of important contacts that are indispensable in helping to find a house (main priority for the new arrival), obtaining documents, visas, residence permits, rent contracts, leasing and buying a car, opening of bank accounts amongst other things.
This experience has now become "Turin Relocation" and is open to a vast international clientele upon arrival in Turin.




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